King George SAL

I’m starting a SAL for the rosettes of the “King George III Reviewing the Troops” quilt. Please share with me or in our Flickr group any piece you sew using these patterns.

January 2011 Block 1Block 1

Download the pattern for this block

This block is sewn using freezer paper, but any paper piecing method would work.

I have including sewing order of the pieces as well as auxiliary lines for matching seams when piecing.

Pattern Block 1

February 2011 Block 2 and 3

Download the pattern for blocks 2 and 3

I think that the center looks cute in reverse applique. I have written a tutorial in english for this block and also in spanish!

March 2011 Block 4

Download the pattern for Block 4


17 Respuestas a “King George SAL

  1. Me encanta, no lo habia visto. Ultimamente me gustan los quilts antiguos y este es una pasada. Asi me apuntas para tu fantastico Sal. Mañana me imprimo el patron y lo hare. Ya te mandare la foto.
    Tienes razon, el aplique es impresionante, pero lo que a mi me llama la atencion son los bloques. Algo distinto!
    Estaremos en contacto.

  2. ¿Vas a organizar un sal? Yo voy de sales hasta las orejas, pero me parece un quilt precioso, excepto las aplicaciones que no me gusta mucho este estilo. Gracias por invitarme a conocer tu blog. Continuaré visitándote.


    • I am so sorry to write this in English and wish I could write it in Spanish – I just want to say that this is a wonderful and generous sew-a-long as you are sharing such beautiful and hard work but can I say that your templates are like a work of art – I have never seen anything so beautiful – I want to print just those out and put them up on my wall!!! I am tempted to follow this sew a long in your size, then in 10″ then also in 20″ blocks!

  3. Hola me encanta , cuenta conmigo para hacer el quilt contigo .Mi correo es

  4. MARIA


  5. concha

    Me parece precioso, pero conozco mis limitaciones y de momento no soy capaz de seguiros ni de lejos, eso si , te ire visitando

    de verdad precioso

  6. Chris Colavizza

    Thank you so much for sharing this – I found your blog through Susan Briscoe’s and love that you are doing this! I love that quilt!

  7. This is really neat! Is this like a block of the month you are doing? These are amazing blocks! I think I would have fun participating in this! I will download them and do my best to do them (despite the fact that I just said I will not start any new projects!). I might fall behind, though. I just love paper piecing and have been wanting to do some mariner’s compass blocks. This might be a good warm up for that!

  8. I also love the King George quilt and wrote about your SAL on my blog today if you’d like to stop by and see please visit Jovita’s Patchwork Atelier

  9. What a gorgeous block. I want to try this too although i don’t enjoy paper piecing because I don’t like tearing out the paper afterwards. Thank you so much for visiting my blog – you have a lovely space here,

  10. Helen

    Hi, thank you for drafting these. I’ll be joining you in working on these and I’ll share photos as I go. I found your blog through Una. She was kind enough to forward it on to me.

  11. Tina Johnson

    Thank you! I love these blocks and will try to do as many as I can!

  12. Sylvia Klein

    thanks a lot for the beautiful blocks, cannt wait to make them. thank you very much

  13. amy (badskirt)

    I was just sent to your blog and excited to see your progress. The King George quilt at the V&A is very inspirational to me and I love what you are doing. I think I’ll begin tomorrow.

  14. Just to thank you for sharing! I must say, wonderful to make and watch!

  15. I have never seen such neat tutorials: absolutely beautiful.
    I am not joining in (prior to other engagements) but I will try AT LEAST one block.
    Thank you very mucht for all this hard work
    Muchas gracias!


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